The woods are near silent in the snow. The quiet swoosh of your skis and the sound of your breath keep an audible rhythm. The warmth and the satisfaction as you gracefully kick and glide has no match. From the corner of your eye you sense motion and rising from her winter bed, a doe takes flight. Amist the hills of Vermont lay thousands of kilometers of tracked and untracked Nordic skiing. For cruisers, classic racers, and competitive skaters alike, Vermont is a haven and the historical focalpoint of Nordic skiing in North America.

Reaping the Benefits of Nordic Skiing

Cross Country ski skiing can seem like an exclusive club or restaurant with a long line to get in.  From the outside, it looks like the host holds a velvet rope open for those with the right...

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A Soul of Snow Interview: Ed Koren, The New Yorker Magazine

  We talked to Ed Koren the noted cartoonist for the New Yorker Magazine about his experiences in the Vermont woods.  What do you remember about your first time Nordic...

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